Douglas Deitch

Party Preference: Democratic
Nonprofit Executive Director     Age: 70

I have a dream

In 1970 at 21 years of age Elaine and I eloped to Mazatlan from Stanford and then moved to our present mountain home here in the absolute corner of Aptos Rancho in 1974, where we have been ever since. We now include our children Alisha 39, her husband Clay, Dakota 13, Hudson 10, and our son Jake 36, all Monterey Bay natives.

I am very concerned about our Monterey Bay regional water and numerous other unaddressed Federal issues here.

I have unsuccessfully been trying for well over 20 years to meet with my Congressman about our regional 20th District wide groundwater commons overdraft seawater intrusion tragedy  , disaster, and food security concern, and solutions and other pressing issues like immediate DACA and other immigration/safety legislation , Expansion of UCSC to Watsonville, NDAA,  EMP-CME , Oroville possible Golden Gate dams issues, twin tunnels, Monterey Bay Estuarine National Monument

Fortunately we are blessed with excellent well water which we share with neighbor Soquel Creek Water District which has only a legal junior right to pump only surplus groundwater.

This is nothing new. @ 11:20

My only special interest group is you.

I need your vote and help.

Please feel free to call me directly @ 831.824.6699.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.