Margaret Bruce
For San Lorenzo Valley Water District Director

Occupation: Environmental Consultant                                                  Age: 52

Qualifications: I have had the privilege of serving on the San Lorenzo Valley Water District Board for the past four years; supporting residents and the District through a challenging transition, and advancing success in: Transparency and communications, Integrating the Olympia and Lompico Water District, Drought management, Completion of the Interties project, Capital and strategic planning, and, Updating the District’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures

I want to help expand the District’s role as a regional leader in sustainable groundwater management and long-term watershed stewardship; and to facilitate renewable energy opportunities, prepare for future long droughts, and navigate increasing state and federal regulatory agency requirements. I am committed to robust community engagement on the important issues ahead, including: Costs of service, Appropriate staffing levels, Protecting water sources, Capital investment priorities, and The District’s financial health

The District is in better shape now than when I started, and I promise continued rigor and dedication to the Board, and to customers’ interests in reliable, clean, and fairly-priced water.