David Burnham
For Central Fire Protection District Director

Occupation: Retired Truck Driver                                              Age: 65

I have lived, worked and raised my family in the Live Oak area since 1974. We have been members of Twin Lakes Church the entire time. I have worked for public agencies and in the private sector. For many years now, I have been self-employed.

These diverse occupational experiences have helped me to develop a broad perspective which will assist me in serving our community.

I will bring wisdom and common sense to the Central Fire Protection District board.

Our communities of Live Oak, Soquel and Capitola have come together to ensure that we have excellent fire protection and paramedic services.

Our families and seniors depend on the firefighters of the Central Fire Protection District.

There needs to be a more respect and collaboration between our firefighters and the administration.

Our community has experienced excellent protection and service from our Fire Department.

To continue this service, our fire fighters need our support, not cuts in their pay.

If elected to this office, I can be fair with decisions that affect the continued safety of our community.

I would be honored to have your vote.