Dene Bustichi
For Scotts Valley City Councilmember

Occupation: Councilmember/Business Owner      Age: 52

As your past Mayor, it has been important to me to keep Scotts Valley safe, clean and fiscally sound.

As a lifelong resident of Scotts Valley, I have seen many changes but Scotts Valley’s character has never changed and I want to keep it that way.

As a business owner in Scotts Valley, I recognize the needs of our business community and the importance of a strong, vibrant economy.

As a father, I recognize the needs of our children to have open space, clean parks and cultural opportunities.

Under my leadership we have opened a new library, started construction of a performing arts center, expanded and upgraded our park system and have built a community garden.

Under my leadership we have had 12 years of balanced budgets, improved and maintained our roads, improved and expanded bicycle, pedestrian and ADA accessibility.

Under my leadership the Town Center is moving forward with Phase 1 Library complete, Phase 2 Performing Arts Center in construction and with plans moving forward for retail and restaurants we are closer than ever to our Town Center

Help me continue the great work we have done together keeping Scotts Valley Scotts Valley. Don’t let outside influences change our City.

Dene Bustichi