Jack Dilles
For Scotts Valley City Councilmember

Occupation: City Finance Consultant

It is time for a change of leadership in Scotts Valley. I have the energy, skill set and collaborative ability to move the City Council in a new direction.

My experience as Finance Director for three cities has shown me how good planning makes a real difference in people’s lives. My experience as a Santa Cruz County Board of Education Trustee has shown me how community engagement leads to good policy.

Strategic planning allows a city to set priorities and make smart decisions for better use of funds to support services. Let’s update the Scotts Valley General Plan, last completed in 1994.

Let’s foster communication and transparency through an electronic newsletter that alerts the public to upcoming decisions. Let’s have town hall meetings to discuss the needs of seniors and issues like business and housing.

Together we can promote the economy and care for the environment. Let’s repair potholes, make Scotts Valley more bike and pedestrian friendly, end single-use plastic bags, get fiber optic cable, and build a Town Center that is a hub of commerce, community and art.

I am proud of endorsements from Mark Stone, Bill Monning, Michael Watkins, John Leopold and many others. Please visit dilles2016.com. I ask for your vote on November 8th.