Anna G. Eshoo
For U.S. Representative, 18th District

Party Preference: Democratic
Occupation: United States Representative

Incivility, ideological polarization and the partisan divide between Congress and the White House make progress difficult in Washington. As your Congresswoman, I find ways around gridlock to advance our values, solve problems and take care of people.

American ingenuity is a treasured asset that knows no bounds. When it comes to expanding our economy and the middle class, I support policies that foster competition, encourage innovation and produce skilled, high wage jobs. Investment in education; basic scientific research; and in roads, bridges and transit systems ensures our ability to lead and compete in the global economy.

Families should not fear ruin from illness. That’s why I worked to include language in the Affordable Care Act that requires coverage of those with pre-existing conditions and that eliminates the lifetime cap in health insurance policies.

To ensure an open, free and accessible Internet for all, I led the charge in Congress for the most democratic rules possible to preserve Net Neutrality, and we won. But this debate could resurface and we must be vigilant.

Unlimited spending is undermining our elections. Citizens United is wrong. Money does not equal speech. Short of overturning the decision, transparency is our best antidote. I’ve called for the Federal Communications Commission to require disclosure of the true source of funding for political broadcast ads and proposed that the President require government contractors to publicly report all political contributions.

My constituents are a source of strength and inspiration to me and I’d be honored to have your support.