Darren Gertler
For Santa Cruz Port District Commissioner

Occupation: Science Teacher                          Age: 32

I am asking for your vote, so that I may bring fresh ideas to the harbor.

Growing up as a Sea Scout, I found that a harbor is a valuable resource for its community.  Though I have yet to serve on the port commission, I am eager to work on new approaches to issues which the harbor faces.  I would make it my top priority to listen and act on behalf of my constituents, so that the public’s needs are met.  People from all walks of life should be able to safely enjoy the harbor.  There should be at least one commercial fishermen on the Port Commission, such as myself, who is an advocate for the community. 

My qualifications for this office are ample.  I am a credentialed Science Teacher and have used the harbor as my classroom working for the O’Neill Sea Odyssey.  I am a Licensed Boat Captain, a Sport and Commercial Fisherman, and was a Fishmonger at the harbor for 7 years.  I studied Environmental Systems and was a specialist in marine aquaculture out of college.  As a father, I want to ensure that future generations like my daughter’s get to enjoy the harbor.