Rosanna Herrera
For Scotts Valley City Councilmember

Occupation: Local Business Owner

I’m Rosanna Herrera, owner of Bruno’s BBQ. Not only do I own my home in Scotts Valley, but I depend on my livelihood from the good people of Scotts Valley. I feel I have an obligation to give back through my business and personally, as past president of the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce and current president of the Rotary Club of Scotts Valley. I have undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and a Masters Degree in Organizational Management. After 19 years in high technology, much of which was right here in Scotts Valley with Seagate, I began a path as a restauranteur serving the community in various ways throughout the years.

Bringing our city into the 21st century will be my number one priority. By applying technology to our infrastructure we can curtail spending, increase cash flow, streamline systems eliminating systemic problems when doing business with our city. We need a government that allows participation for those that want to contribute, transparency for those that want to know, and full disclosure.

My vision for Scotts Valley is a self-sustaining community with a government that enhances our safety, security, and high standards in all facets of our lives.