Charles Howard
For Central Fire Protection District Director

I am very honored and humbled to have served our community for over 48 years, the last 20 years as a Central Fire District Director. During that tenure, the District has established and maintained exceptional service to the public as well as provided a gateway to continual growth and sustainability in securing a future for our employees and the taxpayers they support.

As a Director, I have had the privilege in being a part of constructing a new fire station, earthquake retrofitting two of our fire stations, repairing a flood damaged Capitola Station, creating positions for paramedics on our fire engines, and developing a regional fleet maintenance facility. We have also had to face significant financial issues resulting from challenging economical times. Because of the economy and state enforced laws that have altered how benefit costs are calculated we have adopted policies to help ensure the sustainability of our District.

Decisions are not always popular but as a Director, I am committed to maintaining a sustainable fire department, providing exceptional service to our community, and fair/equitable wages for our employees.

I ask for your support as a committed advocate for our community.


Charlie Howard