Randy Johnson
For Scotts Valley City Councilmember

Occupation: Scotts Valley Councilmember / Business Owner

It has been a privilege to work for you as your mayor and city councilmember.  I’m proud of Scotts Valley and what we have accomplished together.

Through careful planning and leadership, the core values and priorities important to all of our citizens are intact.  They include:

Support of our police department which practices community policing—making Scotts Valley the safest city in the county;

Beautiful parks that serve all of our citizens, young and elderly alike;

Responsible and measured growth that respects the natural beauty of our unique city, keeping its small-town character;

Investment in our roads and trails, including a safe-route-to-schools trail that connects Vine Hill School to our high school;

Thoughtful leadership that enhances our sense of community, including a beautiful new library, community garden, farmers market, fireworks/parade, bocce courts and an upcoming performing arts center;

Attracting and retaining vibrant businesses, including hotels, ensuring an expanded tax base and financial stability for generations to come.

I’m proud to have strong support from educators, law enforcement and the business community.  As we look to the future, I would be honored to have your support to keep Scotts Valley moving in the right direction and a special place to live.