Palmer Kain
For State Senate, 17th District

Party Preference: Republican
Occupation: Community Volunteer        Age: 37

During my service in the U.S. Army stationed overseas, I developed a powerful work ethic and was instilled with a deeper commitment to duty, honor and justice.  I have built a strong track record as a capable manager of people, resources and logistics while proving myself as a leader who fosters unity and consensus to complete any mission he is chosen to lead.  My mission as your next State Senator is to defend the freedom, rights, and quality of life of all citizens of the 17th District.

In more than twenty years of experience in local, state, and national politics, I have learned how to create tangible, positive change in a system that often suppresses it.  For decades, our district and state have used short-term solutions for long-term problems. The consequences being a rise in crime, homelessness, unemployment, tax rates, public corruption and inequality. We cannot afford to be complacent anymore.  Sacramento has no long-term sustainable action plans, I do.

Sacramento has chosen to serve the needs of special interest groups while neglecting the people of California.  I will return the power back to the people, to usher in a new era of transparency, accountability, and community engagement in politics. There is a new day dawning in California. Visit to see my vision and plan. Vote for Palmer Kain on November 8, and I promise to work hard in your best interest as your next State Senator.  Let’s shatter the status quo and transform California together.