Rachel Lather
For Soquel Creek Water District Director

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Like you, I’ve been concerned about the lack of results in obtaining a long-term safe, sustainable water supply for Soquel Creek Water District.  I intend to keep our groundwater safe from saltwater intrusion, using all available water to do this including purified water and excess river water from the City of Santa Cruz.

I‘m uniquely suited to be a Director due to my education and experience.  I’ve been a registered civil engineer for 32 years, with more than 18 years of experience in water and wastewater combined.  My most recent experience was 14 years as the Sanitation Engineer for the County of Santa Cruz.  I continue to work in the water and wastewater industry as a consultant and am knowledgeable about recent trends and funding options.

As the Sanitation Engineer for the County of Santa Cruz, I was instrumental in the completion of a number of major county-wide sanitation projects, many of them were grant funded. I prepared fiscally responsible budgets for sewer services under my management.

According to the Board of Supervisors, I exhibited a “pragmatic, tenacious, and proactive approach to addressing the needs of the County”.

I plan to continue to provide enthusiasm, energy, and fiscal responsibility as a member of the Soquel Creek Water District Board of Directors. Visit www.protectwater.info or email Rachel@ProtectWater.info