Michael D. Lelieur
For Live Oak School Board Member

Occupation: Maintenance Worker/Parent                                                           Age: 51

As a father of 4 grown children, I bring to this position a parent’s point of view. Like other caring parents, I am concerned about issues such as class size and maintaining high academic standards for students in the district.

The school board must be the eyes, ears and voice of our community. I value fiscal responsibility, government transparency, and greater accessibility for parents in the decision making process.

Art, music programs, athletic teams, and after school programs, are essential in keeping children interested in school, and learning at full capacity

Cooperation between the teachers, parents, and administrators is essentially important in creating the best possible schools for our children.

I understand how excellent schools affect civic pride, property values, and the sense of unity in such a diverse place as Santa Cruz County.

I will be meeting with as many community members as possible regarding ways to improve our schools, and will be available to talk to anyone with concerns or suggestions.

Our Children are Our future.