Leticia Mendoza
For Cabrillo Community College, Trustee Area 5

Occupation: Executive Director                  Age: 55

I believe in promoting social and economic opportunities in our community through access to quality education.   I am a graduate of WHS Class’79. Earned a BA in Economics from UCSC in 1984, a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Masters from the Doctoral Program in Urban Planning from Columbia University. My professional experience includes visiting faculty and program assistant at UNAM and Duke University.  Since 2009, I have been working as an Executive Director for a nonprofit in Watsonville; managing State funded contracts and ensuring compliance with policies and regulations for preschool and youth programs. I have been participating in county-wide efforts to assess and support staff professional development, and in partnerships to assess and address community needs.

My professional experience, academic background and community involvement provide me with the expertise and understanding of the complex issues involved in addressing the educational needs in Watsonville.

As a student I had the opportunity to be involved in various programs and received support to follow my career path and expand my personal and professional development. For these reasons, I understand the importance of providing an inviting, inclusive and effective learning environment to prepare students to pursue their career, professional and personal goals.