Russ Patterson
For Scotts Valley Fire Protection District Director

Occupation: Emergency Management Consultant                                            Age: 60                

To begin with, the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District is an outstanding organization.  As with all respectable public agencies, it starts from the bottom up.  The District employs professional, highly qualified, and well-trained line personnel.  In addition, the District’s management staff are extremely competent and are well respected by “the troops.”  Lastly, the current Board has done an admirable job with assisting the Chief guide the District.

Because of my public safety background, I have recently been encouraged by people in the community to seek a seat on the Fire District’s Board to ensure that the District continues on its path of excellence.       

My qualifications include being a retired captain from the Campbell Police Department, where I served as the City’s Emergency Manager.  Currently, I am an Emergency Management Consultant who specializes in writing emergency plans for government agencies and in the training of public safety employees.  My experience has allowed me to acquire a significant amount of knowledge of fire service operations, from line response to organizational management and strategic planning.

I would appreciate your vote and I look forward to serving the District.