Randall C. Brown
For San Lorenzo Valley Water District Director

Occupation: Historian                                     Age: 64

In 2009, the San Lorenzo Valley Water District commissioned me to write its history, which was published in 2011, the District’s 70th anniversary.  The following year, I was elected as a director.  My research into the past has proved helpful in understanding the challenges of the present.

During my time in office, I have worked to see the District through numerous challenges, including a drought of historic proportions, rebuilding of our administrative team, and restoration of public trust through increased transparency.  My two decades of experience on Wall Street have proved beneficial in dealing with our financial situation.

Looking ahead, my top priority is the restoration of revenue stability such that it promotes fairness and does not punish those ratepayers who have contributed to conservation.  Currently, a thorough cost of service study is underway that will quantify our present and future needs: maintenance of the quality service, addressing the infrastructure issues, and insuring vital fire protection.

If reelected, I will continue to responsibly represent the water drinkers and residents of the San Lorenzo Valley for another four years by helping to implement the needed improvements.