Michael Shulman
For Scotts Valley Unified School Board Member

Occupation: Incumbent                                                                          Age: 58

Our District was in turmoil when I joined the board in 2008.  Since then, we have consistently achieved strong student performance while rebuilding excellent staff and community relations.  All four Scotts Valley schools have won state level recognition, our finances are tight but positive, and our focus remains on graduating good citizens ready for college or career. It is an honor to be part of such success. 

My primary goals in seeking a 3rd term are to support our newly hired superintendent and to help the middle school project stay on track.  Beyond these short term issues, my ongoing goals are to retain our best teachers and provide a comprehensive program of academics, sports, arts, and career education.   It is an ambitious agenda that will require creativity and collaboration in times of significant and unexpected challenges.

Our excellent teaching, administrative, and support staff all benefit from a stable and experienced school board, whose role is to guide but not to meddle.  I have a lengthy history of Scotts Valley civic participation that allows me to recognize and capitalize on approaches likely to work well in our community.   I would appreciate your vote so I can continue to serve in this role.