Kim Shultz
For Scotts Valley Unified School Board Member

Occupation: Incumbent                                          Age: 64

Fifteen years ago my family was drawn to Scotts Valley by the excellent school system and surrounding environment. Our two boys attended local schools and went on to 4-year universities. Through this period I have helped manage the design and construction of projects totaling 143 million dollars for the Regional Transportation Commission and my wife, Patrizia Materassi, and I have engaged in a variety of civic and community activities.

As a member of the Scotts Valley Unified School District, Board of Trustees since 2013, I have served as Treasurer of the Measure A campaign to rebuild the Scotts Valley Middle School and sub-committees to recommend the middle school architect, construction team, and the Scotts Valley Sports Complex, and worked to strengthen the District’s budget.

My personal goals for the upcoming term:

Construct the Middle School on time and within budget.

Promote a higher level of engagement in elementary school classrooms, the middle school Academy, and the high school International Baccalaureate and Regional Occupational Programs.

Support professional development of teachers and student counseling, expand arts and music programs to compliment math and science curriculum, and improve sports facilities.

Insist on sustainable and transparent budgets.

Please let me know your vision for Scotts Valley’s schools at:  Thank you for your support.