Robert Singleton
For Santa Cruz City Councilmember

Occupation: Business Owner                                 Age: 25

Santa Cruz is one of the most vibrant and beautiful places on earth, and our community culture is as diverse as it is unique. These are the qualities that originally drew me here as a college student. These are the same qualities that motivated me to stay here when I was starting a business, and these are the qualities I will work to preserve if elected.

 My desire to serve is born out of concern for 3 issues; housing, transportation and public safety.

 We are in the midst of a housing crisis that affects us all, from families to single professionals paying half of their income on housing to service workers who are being priced further away from their jobs. Our transportation system is in need of improvements, with a focus on bicycle and pedestrian access to better link our neighborhoods. All members of our community deserve to feel safe in public and in their homes, and we must take a compassionate stance to help those in need.

 The role of a Councilmember is that of a community steward and leader, and I am committed to preserving the values we hold, while working toward an inclusive vision of our future.