Mark Swan
For Mountain Elementary School Board Member

Occupation: IT Program Management Consultant                                                Age: 55

Educating our children starts and ends in the classroom.  At the helm of the delivery of that educational experience are our professional teachers.   All other elements of the Mountain Elementary School District institution exist in support of this core value.  I have been privileged to sit on the governing board of MESD and help create an environment, and empower our teachers, to provide quality 21st century education to our young students.  The current Board panel has a perfect blend of backgrounds and acumen to have successfully put Mountain School on an impressive trajectory that makes Mountain a highly desired destination school.  Key to this success has been to listen to the teachers and understand what they need to be successful; from providing aides, to prep time, program investments, professional development and a proper facility, as well as compensation commensurate with putting Mountain on the map as one of the highest performing schools in the County.  A trajectory implies there’s more to do.  As this Board works to navigate the unique financial challenges of a single-school district, we are committed to continuing to looking to the professionals, our teachers, to help set the goals for the future of MESD.