Rebuttal to Argument For Measure R

We agree that Cabrillo College serves a purpose in our community, we DISAGREE with having to pay more and more additional taxes to support it.  There are currently two bonds on our property tax bills for Cabrillo College, one lasting until 2039!  This would be yet another 30+ year tax to all property owners, lasting until at least 2051.

  • Currently Cabrillo College has fewer than 12,000 students enrolled with less than 12% actually graduating in 2019.  The student enrollment has been decreasing and is projected to continue to decrease with fewer new families moving into this area.   
  • With the growing move to offer many online classes, actual and additional classrooms are becoming unnecessary.
  • Cabrillo College needs to do a better job of budgeting money to update and maintain the school’s infrastructure, just as we do with our homes and businesses.  Why does Cabrillo keep coming back repeatedly to the property owners asking for more money?  
  • This bond would raise housing costs for homeowners and renters alike, further reducing affordability in our community and hurting those in need the most.
  • Seniors are not exempt, causing them to fear for their financial future and sense of security.
  • Cabrillo College appears very top heavy in management, many making over $200,000 per year with benefits, depleting money from the school’s overall budget.

Why are property owners always the solution to fixing budget problems?  It’s irresponsible to tax future generations.



Kristen Collishaw
Executive Director non-profit Scotts Valley

Rebecca (Becky) Steinbruner
Active Citizen/Aptos Resident

Lennox Smith
Small Business Owner-Aptos

Cheryle Brownfield
Accounting Manager

Carmen Bernal