Margaux Keiser
Small Business Owner  831-334-1799  Age: 33

I have decided that I want to represent the community on Capitola’s City Council. With many recent shifts happening in regards to the COVID19 pandemic, I have found that there is no better time than now to stand up and represent Capitola residents. As a twelve-year resident and small business owner, my heart and soul belong to this town and I would want nothing more than to be the voice of the people. 

We have watched the pandemic wreak havoc on Capitola businesses, employees, and tourism and I want to help us recover and move forward. I want to allow hard working people to continue to have a place here in our town even in the wake of hard times. There is room for those that can benefit our community and society.

Yes, business is important, but so is maintaining our quaint “Capitola By The Sea”. There needs to be a balance of environment, community, safety, and business in order for everything to thrive here. I feel that going through the quarantine over the last few months has solidified how important our environmental and community surroundings are, and we need to fight to maintain them.