Randy Johnson
Councilmember/Small Business Owner  RLJ12@comcast.net   831-438-0633

Experienced, trusted leadership has never been more important than now.

As your mayor during this year of unprecedented turmoil, I’m proud of how Scotts Valley is enduring COVID-19.  We’ve made tough but necessary budget cuts while preventing layoffs to police officers, formed an active Local Business Recovery Committee and become a model of how small communities can survive a global pandemic intact.

But there’s more to do, and it’s never been more important to keep proven experience on the job for Scotts Valley.  That’s why I’m so excited about what we can accomplish now and in the years ahead.

By working together, we have: made Scotts Valley the safest city in the county; built and maintained beautiful parks that serve young and elderly alike; promoted measured growth that respects our natural beauty and keeps its small-town character; invested smartly in transportation: safe walkways to schools and stunning new trails at Glenwood; built a beautiful library, community garden, farmers market, and an upcoming performing arts center; worked to retain and attract our small businesses.

I would be honored to earn your support to keep Scotts Valley moving in the right direction and such a special place to live. www.joinRandyJohnson.com