John Lewis
Infrastructure Engineer    831-224-2833   Age: 41

As an infrastructure engineer I’ve found that complex systems fail in unexpected ways, producing dramatic results. Scotts Valley has sacrificed funding for children's programs and civic employees to spend a greater portion of our budget on public safety. If things continue unchanged, social services will be greatly reduced; there is a possibility we will be unable to continue to fund the police after raising our taxes to do so. We have a complex system that already shows signs of not being able to meet our needs.

If elected, I'll focus on growing tax revenues through housing construction for the next generation of Scotts Valley residents, as well as new members of our community, and growing new businesses such as permitting marijunana dispensaries with reasonable limits. We must explore options that will allow us to fund our city’s needs.

I am used to complex systems and complex problems - complex problems require hard solutions, but not necessarily complex ones. Every challenge is an opportunity; we must remember to fund our future as well as we fund our safety.

Like you, I have chosen to invest myself in Scotts Valley for our common future, and grow our family in a safe wonderful place.