Eduardo Montesino
Metro Supervisor/Father                                                                      Age: 45

My experience as a parent, former council member, Mayor and active leader in our community has prepared me to serve again on the Watsonville City Council during these hard times.

I have been raising three wonderful children in our community alongside my beautiful wife. This gives me a strong commitment to Watsonville’s future. Like many of you, my children attend local schools and participate in local sports.

My career as a public servant has given me unique perspective on the needs for our community, challenges and the need for experience during this hard times.  We need to work together to get through this period.

As Mayor, I was able to get green waste and recycling receptacles to your homes. I brought a Youth City Council to fruition to help our youth get more involved and learn about city government.

I am committed to working hard to attract jobs for our city, improve local schools and roads and to keep our neighborhoods safe. I would fight to get Ramsay Park Soccer Field to be artificial turf   

I promise to work hard for you on the Watsonville City Council. Together we can make a difference. I respectfully ask for your vote