How to vote with the tablet to mark your ballot

At the voting location, you can choose to use the tablet to mark a paper ballot or use a pen to mark a paper ballot.

The tablet serves as a marking device that will print the voter’s choices on a piece of paper that is the ballot. All voters – including those with disabilities – can vote privately and independently.

1. Tell the poll worker you want to use the tablet

  • The poll worker will give you a ticket.
  • Take it to the tablet area.
  • When it is your turn, a poll worker will activate the tablet so you can vote.

2. Mark your ballot

  • Touch the box to the right of your choices. A check mark will appear in the box.
  • To change your vote, touch the box again.
  • To vote for a write-in candidate, touch the box to the right of the words WRITE-IN. A keyboard will pop up. Type the write-in candidate’s name, then touch OK.

3.  Print your ballot

  • Touch the screen to print your ballot.
  • Your choices are printed on the ballot for you to review.

4.  Cast your vote

  • Take your ballot to the ballot box station.
  • Deposit your ballot into the ballot box.