Fire Survivors

Our hearts go out to those who have lost their homes due to the devastating fires in Santa Cruz County. You have lost so much, but you will not lose your opportunity to vote. 

Options to ensure that you will get your ballot include:

  1. Change your mailing address for your election materials. You can have your election mail sent to your work, the home of a family member or friend, or you can obtain a post office box. You do not need to re-register to vote. You  may keep your voting domicile for however long it takes you to rebuild. 

    Ballots CANNOT be forwared. So, if you signed up for your mail to be forwarded through the USPS, you still need to update your mailing address with us. Otherwise, your ballot will be returned to us as undeliverable.
  2. Sign up to have your ballot emailed to you. You can sign up to get a Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail Ballot. We will email you an access code, to access your ballot and vote it. You will need to have a computer, printer, and envelopes to return your ballot.
  3. Vote in person. You can obtain a ballot in person at our office or Watsonville City Clerk's Office begining October 5. We will have 15 other centers open October 31 to November 3 for in-person voting. 
  4. We are getting a mobile voting trailer! We can drive it to any location and provide opportunity for people to obtain a ballot and vote. We will schedule days to be in the fire damaged areas and shelters to ensure everyone has access to voting. Please email us at if you have an suggested location, date and time. 
  5. Utilize the service of the USPS for fire evacuees. Mail is being re-routed to another postal facility. Click here for information from the post office about service interruptions and options.