Use this form if you have not changed your voting residence, you just want your mail to go to a different address.  If you want to remove a mailing address, just type in "none" under the mailing address field. 

For fire evaucees, if you have lost your home or you will be evacuated for some time, you do not have to re-register to vote. You can keep your voting residence until you rebuild or move back. You can simply  can change your mailing address to your work, family or friend's address, or a post office box. We will then mail your ballot materials to that address. This change of address can be for the  June 7, 2022 election only, or until you change your mailing at a future date. If you filed a forwarding address with the USPS, that will not work for your ballot. Voting materials are NOT forwardable. 

Having your most current mailing address on file is very important because all voters will be mailed a ballot about 1 month prior to each election.. 

Do NOT use this form if you have moved to a new voting residence and you have no intention of returning to your former voting residence. Instead you will need to re-register to vote with this link.