California law requires the Secretary of State in January before the primary election for Governor to identify which precincts have 3% or more of the voting-age residents who are members of a single language minority and lack sufficient skills in English to vote without assistance.

In Santa Cruz County, we are required to provide voting information in Spanish at most of our precincts. We will also provide election materials in Chinese and Tagalog at selected voting precincts.

Program Pages


The Santa Cruz County Multilingual Voter Services program was established to provide services to voters who need language assistance. These services include:

  • Translated Election Materials will be at the identified precincts:
    • A copy of the ballot
    • Voting Instructions
    • State Voter Guide
    • Voter Bill of Rights
  • Bilingual Assistance at the identified precincts. Santa Cruz County has recruited people who speak Spanish, Tagalog and Chinese to serve in the precincts where language assistance is required.
  • Bilingual Assistance Hotline. Please call the appropriate language hotline to request translated materials or ask any election-related question.
    • Spanish: 831-454-2060
    • Chinese: 831-454-5137
    • Tagalog: 831-454-5135
  • Translated Election Materials Mailed to Voters. To receive a State Voter Guide and local translated materials in the mail, please call the language hotline above, or send an email to the appropriate language below. We will need your name, address where you live in Santa Cruz County, mailing address if different from where you live, date of birth, and phone number.