Candidate Watch - March 5, 2024 Election

Candidate Filing is Closed. The following contests will not appear on the March 5, 2024 ballot. 


Nonpartisan Offices

Judicial - Only the incumbents filed for candidacy, so the judicial offices will not appear on the ballot.  However, the judges will not be deemed "elected" until after the November General election. Contact our office if you have questions.

Superior Court Judge - Office 5

Incumbent: Katherine Hansen

Katherine Hansen


Superior Court Judge - Office 6

Incumbent: Syda Cogliati

Syda Cogliati


Superior Court Judge - Office 9

Incumbent: Leila Sayar

Leila Sayar


Superior Court Judge - Office 11

Incumbent: Jordan Sheinbaum

Jordan Sheinbaum



The following candidates will be Appointed in Lieu of an election because there are either the same or fewer number of candidates as there are seats open for election.

Partisan Offices

Democratic Central Committee - District 1 - 5 seats

Edward Estrada
Tony Russomanno
Adam Spickler
Leslie Steiner
Linda J. Wilshusen


Democratic Central Committee - District 2 - 5 seats

Rene Bloch
Denise Elerick
Adele Gardner
GiGi Kelbert
Rachel Williams


Republican Central Committee - District 1 - 5 seats

Dominic J. DeCarlo
Kellie Fisher
Michael D. Lelieur
Donald Moorhouse
George W Stagi Jr


Republican Central Committee - District 3 - 3 seats

Paige E. Concannon
Mary Randall Peterson
Ronni Redmond


Republican Central Committee - District 4 - 2 seats

Casey Clark


Green County Council

Sean Dougherty