Ballot drop boxes:

Subject to change.

Voters can return their ballot to any of the in-person voting locations, or drop it off at one of our 24/7 ballot drop boxes. Most are drive up and a couple are walk up. Boxes will be installed by October 10. Ballot drop boxes are picked up daily by elections officials. Ballot drop boxes are bolted to the ground. 

Tampering with a ballot drop box is a felony pursuant to California Elections Code §18500. In the event the drop box is full, not functioning, or has been damaged, please call the Voter Hotline at 831-454-2060. No ballots will be accepted after 8pm on Election Day unless there are voters in line or the time for closing of the polls has been extended by court order.

You may also drop off your ballot inside at one of the locations below or authorize someone you trust to return it.