Santa Cruz County Clerk/Elections Department

June 5, 2018 Election Facts

As of June 10, 2018


Number of registered voters:


Number of permanent vote-by-mail voters:


Number of voters assigned to mail ballot precinct:

 1,694 (excludes permanent VBM voters)

Number of military and overseas voters:


Total number of vote-by-mail ballots issued:


Total number of vote-by-mail ballots returned:

 44,832 (does not include 2,105 challenged ballots that are being researched.)

Number of voting precincts with polling places:


Number of mail ballot precincts:


Total precincts reporting Election Night:


Number of poll workers/election workers needed:


Number of different ballot styles:


Number of local measures on the ballot:        

 6 local measures:

    P.   Mountain Elementary School Bond
    Q.  Happy Valley Elementary Parcel Tax
    R.  Loma Prieta Elementary School Bond
    S.  Santa Cruz City Sales Tax
    T.  Santa Cruz City Cannabis enforcement repeal
    U.  Santa Cruz City UCSC growth

Number of State Propositions:

5 State Propositions:

  1. Park, natural resources, water, flood bond
  2. New transportation revenues
  3. Supermajority for use of cap-and-trade fund
  4. Ballot measures: effective date
  5. Property tax: rain water capture system

Number of candidate contests on the ballot:


Number of candidates:


County Voter Information Guide Mailing to Begin:

 First week of May

State Voter Information Guide Mailing to Begin:

 April 26 to May 15

First day ballots mailed to military/overseas voters:

 April 6

First day to mail vote-by-mail ballots:

 May 7

Postage for returning vote-by-mail ballot:

 Postage is paid – no stamp necessary

Voting in person in Santa Cruz or Watsonville:

 May 7 to June 5

Logic and Accuracy Testing Begins:

 Week of May 14

Last Day to Register to Vote:

 Monday, May 21

Begin processing returned vote-by-mail ballots:       

 Monday, May 21

Last Day to request a ballot to be mailed to you:

 May 29

Weekend Voting in Santa Cruz and Watsonville:

 June 2 and 3, 9am to 5pm

Election Day - Polls and Elections Office open

 7am to 8pm Tues, June 5

Reporting Election Night Results

Results of vote-by-mail ballots returned and processed before June 5 will be available by 8:30pm on Election Night. First report from precincts is expected at approximately 10:30pm Election Night. Next report will be released around midnight. Final report for the night with semi-official results will be posted once ballot counting is done after midnight. Results will be posted online at

Canvass/audit of election begins:                      

Wednesday, June 6, 8am

Random drawing of precincts for 1% manual tally:

Thursday, June 7, 10am

Deadline to certify election:

Thursday, July 5, 5pm