Santa Cruz County Clerk/Elections Department

November 8, 2016 Election Facts

As of November 18, 2016, 12pm

Number of registered voters:  


Number of permanent vote-by-mail voters:


Total number of vote-by-mail ballots issued:


Total number of vote-by-mail ballots returned:


Number of voting precincts with polling places:

145 voting precincts at 94 locations: 56 singles,
27 doubles, 9 triples, and 2 quads

Number of mail ballot precincts:


Number of mail ballot voters - minus Perms


Total precincts reporting Election Night:


Number of poll workers/election workers needed:


Number of different ballot styles:


Number of local measures on the ballot:          

16 local measures:

A - Santa Cruz City High School District bond

B - Santa Cruz City Elementary School bond

C - Soquel Elementary School District bond

D - Santa Cruz County transportation sales tax

E - Santa Cruz County cannabis business tax

F - City of Capitola sales tax extension

G - City of Santa Cruz timing of seating Mayor

H - City of Santa Cruz water system

I - City of Santa Cruz cannabis business tax

J - City of Watsonville transient occupancy tax

K - City of Watsonville utility users’ tax

L - City of Watsonville cannabis business tax

M - City of Watsonville cannabis advisory

N - Boulder Creek Fire District parcel tax

O - Zayante Fire Protection District parcel tax

S - Aromas Tri-County Fire District parcel tax

Number of State Propositions:

17 State Propositions:

  1. K-12 School Bonds.
  2. State Fees on Hospitals
  3. Revenue Bonds
  4. Legislation and Proceedings
  5. Tax Extension to Fund Education/Healthcare
  6. Cigarette Tax
  7. Criminal Sentences
  8. English language education
  9. Campaign finance: voter instruction
  10. Adult Films. Condoms
  11. State Prescription Drug Purchases
  12. Death Penalty
  13. Firearms. Ammunition Sales
  14. Marijuana Legalization
  15. Carry-Out Bags. Charges
  16. Death Penalty. Procedure
  17. Referendum Overturn Ban on Plastic Bags

Number of candidate contests on the ballot:  


Number of candidates:


County Voter Information Guide Mailing to Begin:

First week of October

State Voter Information Guide Mailing to Begin:

Second week of October

First day ballots mailed to military/overseas voters:

September 9

First day to mail vote-by-mail ballots:

October 10

Postage for returning vote-by-mail ballot:

Postage is paid – no stamp necessary

Voting in person in Santa Cruz or Watsonville:

October 10 to November 8

Logic and Accuracy Testing Begins:

Week of October 11

Last Day to Register to Vote:

Monday, October 24

Begin processing returned vote-by-mail ballots:          

October 25

Last Day to request a ballot to be mailed to you:

November 1

Weekend Voting in Santa Cruz and Watsonville:

November 5 and 6, 9am to 5pm

Election Day - Polls and Elections Office open

7am to 8pm Tues, November 8

Reporting Election Night Results

Results of vote-by-mail ballots returned and processed before November 8 will be available by 8:30pm on Election Night. First report from precincts is expected at approximately 10:30pm Election Night. Next report will be released around midnight. Final report for the night with semi-official results will be posted once ballot counting is done around 3am. Results will be posted online at

Canvass/audit of election begins:                       

Wednesday, November 9, 8am

Random drawing of precincts for 1% manual tally:

Thursday, November 10, 10am

Deadline to certify election:

Tuesday, December 6, 5pm