Voters in Mail Ballot only precincts

If you received a blue card informing you that you are in a mail ballot precinct for this election, you are one of 7,092 voters in Santa Cruz County who will automatically be sent a ballot on October 10. However, 4,237 of you were already signed up to be a permanent vote-by-mail voter, so receiving a ballot by mail is no surprise. 

When there is a limited number of registered voters in a precinct, the law allows us to mail a ballot to the voter instead of establishing a polling place. Precincts with few voters happen often in general elections when the district lines for the various federal, state, and local offices create unique combinations of contests. In this election, we have 121 mail ballot preciincts, and 64 of them have less than 25 voters. 

Ballots for mail ballot voters, permanent vote-by-mail voters, and those requesting ballots by mail for just the November election will be mailed on October 10. If you lose your ballot or destroy it, you can request a second ballot by calling 831-454-2060 or email 

If you have any questions about being in a mail ballot precinct, please call our office at 831-454-2060 or email