Welcome to the November 5, 2024 electoral process. Regardless of who wins, we hope that this is a positive experience for you.

The County Clerk/Elections Department is dedicated to helping all qualified candidates get their name printed on the ballot and to ensuring that the election is fair, accurate and transparent. For the uninitiated, the process can be confusing, with resulting errors, and misunderstandings. Although these resources serve a guide for candidates, it is for general information only and does not have the force and effect of law, regulation, or rule. In case of conflict, the law, regulation, or rule will apply. Candidates and others using these resources must bear full responsibility to make their own determinations as to all legal standards and duties.

The best advice I can give to all candidates is FILE EARLY. The filing deadlines are rigid and if you wait until the last moment to file a document containing errors or omissions, your right to appear on the ballot may be lost. Most errors can be corrected given adequate time. We hope you find this webpage useful.

Each day we will update “Candidate Watch” on our website listing who has filed for which offices. You can also find a manual on our website, as well as other tools to assist you in conducting your campaign.

Should you have any suggestions for improving the manual or website, or have identified corrections to be made, please call the County Clerk, Tricia Webber at 831-454-2409 or e-mail at tricia.webber@santacruzcountyca.gov.

Tricia Webber
County Clerk

None of the offices on the November 5, 2024 Presidential General Election ballot have a nomination requirement, so all you need to do is come to our office where you will bring in (or complete in our office), the below documents.  Our office will review them and then we will prepare your Declaration of Candidacy.  On it you will confirm your name is spelled correctly, we have all the correct information, you will state your qualifications to run for office, and you will take an oath to officially become a candidate. 

Below is the list of important resources as well as the documents you may need to complete when you file to be a candidate.  Each form is named and has a brief description of what it is used for and why you may need to complete it as part of your candidate journey.

Candidate Checklist - This is a list for you to use to ensure you keep track of the documents that need to be filed in order to become a candidate

Candidate Manual - This manual has a ton of information on becoming a candidate. It describes what you need to file, what is a candidate statement, campaign finance, and so much more!

Candidate Information Workshops - These workshops are open to everyone.  Attendees will learn how to run for office this November election.

FPPC forms for candidates:

  • Form 410 - this form organizes a campaign committee. It is filed with the California Secretary of State.
  • Form 460 - this form is what campaign committees file according to the campaign finance filing schedule.
  • Form 470 - this form should be filled out by candidates that are not creating a campaign committee.
  • Form 501 - all candidates need to fill out this form - it is your intention to run for office.  It needs to be filled out each election.
  • Form 700 - all candidates need to fill out this form - it lists your economic interests. If you are a current Form 700 filer with the County of Santa Cruz, please let us know and we can allow you to file online through your existing login.

Ballot Designation Worksheet - your ballot designation is the up to three words that list your principal profession, occupation or vocation.  It appears on the ballot under your name.  This worksheet is where you list your preferred designation and two alternates.  You need to justify why you can use that designation. For example: Teacher/Parent is the ballot designation.The justification would be - I have taught third grade at Boardwalk School since 2010. Call Paula Principal at 831-555-5555 for verification. I became a parent in 2004 when my daughter was born. Call Other Parent at 831-444-4444. There are questions to answer and a place for you to sign on page 2 of the worksheet.

Candidate Statement Agreements

  • Local - this agreement needs to be signed and filed with your 200 (or less) word candidate statement of qualifications. This is for local candidates running for supervisor, school or special district offices.
  • State - this agreement needs to be signed and filed with your candidate statement of qualifications.  This is for candidates running for Assembly offices.

*** Please note, if you are planning a submitting a Candidate Statement you must file it at the same time you sign your Declaration of Candidacy. The statement cannot be filed after. ***

Internet Waiver - we will automatically post on our website your name and the office you are running for.  If you would like us to list contact information such as website, email, phone number, or address, you will grant us permission to post that information.

Code of Fair Campaign Practices - this optional form pledges that you will run a decent, fair and honest campaign.

Political Signs - if you are planning on having campaign signs, you must register with the CA Department of Transportation.  The County does not set the regulations for political signs. Click here for information and the required forms.